Linux backup tool


Conserve - is a linux backup utility.
It is designed to use LVM snapshots and 'dd' to create images of partitions. But it can backup files and non-LVM partitions too.

Conserve can do:

Conserve is written on Ruby.

Conserve on GitHub

Conserve Wiki

Historical reasons:
Conserve was designed to do consistent backup of virtual machine with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SLES) OS on Microsoft Hyper-V Server without going offline. I spent some time searching for ready solution but all products that i found did not meet my requirements. Then I decided to have fun and started to write my own backup utility. I want to make Conserve as "cross distribution" as possible but now i'm testing it only on few distributions: Ubuntu 12.04, SLES11, Centos 5.6, OEL 6.3 and RHEL 6.4.


Created by (*w) using Ruby on Rails 3.