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New stable version "" of Conserve released.
You can clone it from GitHub

It's last version change log:
  • 0.3.0
  • 0. Merge devel to master.
  • 0.2.1
  • 2. Backup#guess_file_volume: Rewrite using "df -T".
  • 3. [BUG] Backup of files. With LVM: Trying to find /var/CommuniGate/ on ... - Error: *** Can't find where /dev/dm-4 mounted ***
  • 4. Added --collect or -cl command line parameter to store system information collected by Collector class.
  • 5. Backup of files: New option '-p' or '--plain' to copy files without using tar or gzip as plain tree. '-z' will be ignored when '-p' used.
  • 6. Backup of files: Set source as comma-separated list of files and/or directories. '*' sign can be used to backup all directory entries as individual sources.
  • 7. Baremetal backup option. It's collecting information and doing backup for all partitions used at fstab.
  • 8. [BUG] Conserve#save_sysinfo!: can't save if destination is remote place.
  • 9. Collect class now collects information about device LABEL and resolve 'LABEL=/label' at fstab to "normal device name".
  • 10. Collect#get_dmraid_info. New method to get information about dmraid devices.
  • 11. [BUG] Fixed "Conserve#run error: undefined method `chomp!' for nil:NilClass".
  • 12. [BUG] Fixed "ArgumentError - /data/documents/development/conserve/lib/inform.rb:169:in `compact_log'".
  • 13. Inform#compact_log fixed for multi-job tasks.
  • 14. [BUG] Fixed choosing swap for backup when doing baremetal.
  • 15. New option (-e or --exclude) to exclude devices from baremetal backup.
  • 16. Rewrite destination to use smb:// prefix for smb shares. New destination format - "protocol://severname/share/path" or just "/path" for local folders.
  • 17. Add_function#runcmd: now return 'exit code' as 3-rd value, additional to 'stdout' and 'stderr'.
  • 18. [FEATURE] Backup to NFS share. Destination must be set as nfs://server/export_folder.
  • 19. [BUG] Fixed: clean files created by Add_function#runcmd: /tmp/conserve_exitcode*.
  • 20. Inform. Removed log compact if log size more than 2MB.
  • 21. [FEATURE] Backup files with rsync. Destination = rsync://. Add -o argument to override default rsync options.
  • 22. [BUG] Fixed: SLES11: Conserve#run error: more than 1 file found: ... Backup#guess_file_volume partialy rewrited.
  • 23. [BUG] Fixed: error of tar creation when tar sends warning "socket ignored".
  • 24. [BUG] Fixed: Conserve#run error: Can't resolv UUID c5e1f478-4c72-4ae2-94ad-fd3e54c4afa5 to "normal device name". {"use_lvm"=>true, "baremetal"=>true, "destination"=>"nfs://nfs.hcp300.dsf.local/fs/test/conserve/data", "dest_target_type"=>"dir", "debug"=>true}
  • 25. Backup#mount_nfs rewrited. Added some intelligence about choosing between NFS3 and NFS4.
  • 26. [BUG] Fixed: "mail" ruby gem not installed. Inform function require it. Would you like to install "mail" ruby gem? [y|n]: y undefined method `write' for nil:NilClass
  • 27. Add_functions#runcmd rewrited to return chomp-ed values.
  • 28. Backup#check_mount_stat method destroyed.
  • 29. [BUG] Fixed: SLES11: undefined method `s_to_a' for #
  • 30. Added bootloader detection on partitions.
  • 31. Remove FTP download of rubygems for SLES11. Changed by rubygems tarball from
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